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  • Julie ( Angie's List )

    "My lawn is so beautiful.  Please extend my thanks to everyone involved.  The mowing crew this year is great and pay so much attention to detail.  Between the new mulch, lush thick grass and perfectly trimmed lawn, it's really pretty here."

  • Remi ( Angie's List )

    "Customer service was quick to contact us to schedule an appointment. The technician was punctual and professional. We replaced 2 sprinkler heads and changed location of the bleed valve. Very satisfied with the service!"

  • Edward ( Angie's List )

    "They were responsive and they came out when they said they’d be here. He did a great job and he did extra work. He found some other problems that had to be done and the fee was reasonable."

  • Greg ( Angie's List )

    "I have been looking for some years now for a sprinkler service company that I could depend on. I think I may have found my guys."

  • Gar ( Angie's List )

    "The worker came on time, in fact a little early. He dove into the work quickly and got several of the items fixed that I needed done. He replaced 6 sprinkler heads and repaired a leak. He found the problem with the leak and was careful to work around the fiber optic cable in the yard, without damage. Overall good company. "

  • Michael ( Angie's List )

    "Tech was on time and very knowledgeable.  He walked my wife through how to program the system and then tested each zone to ensure it worked properly.  Once head had to be replaced and he made a recommendation to fix a broken drain cover. After running the system, we found a leak in one of the line stations.  The company sent a rep out right away, provided an estimate and resolved the issue. They also provided recommendations on how to properly winterize the system as well."

  • Douglas ( Angie's List )

    "We received several bids for the job and this was the least expensive but also the most efficient system.  The drip system for the bushes and trees is a tremendous water saver as is the Cyber-rain controller (for which you can receive a tax credit in California because it is so efficient).  The team that installed the system was prompt and efficient.  We did have some lawn repair to do after the job -- planting grass seed and leveling some areas, but otherwise there was fairly minimal damage.  When we planted an area in the back of our house the crew returned very promptly to finish the job and they also replace, at no cost, one of the sprinkler heads that was malfunctioning.  I highly recommend this company."

  • Marsha ( Google )

    "Great job. We had a pretty challenging yard (trees, slope, rocks, varied plantings). They did a great job of engineering the system and provided a good install. Thanks."

  • Debra C.

    "Very professional and explain what is being done."

  • Brian ( Google )

    "Scott, your irrigation specialist, Darren Hunt, recently completed the backflow certification for my sprinkler system. He is a GREAT guy. A different company performed this test for me in the past. With that company, the test fittings always leaked and dripped water on my floor for several weeks after the test was completed. I mentioned this problem to Darren and he told me that he would take extra care to "tweak" the fittings when he was done with the test. Result? For the first time in years my back-flow device has not seeped and dripped! Thank you to Darren. I'd also like to add that he was very professional in his demeanor and a pleasure to visit with. You are lucky to have him on your team. A happy customer!"

  • Bill ( Angie's List )

    "We were very happy with the final results of a brand new sprinkler zone added to where we previously had added a new planting berm. Their prices were very reasonable and Scott and Debbie were great to work with. If needed again we would definitely hire again. Thanks Guys."

  • Christopher ( Angie's List )

    "Overall great experience.  Darren was excellent to work with and did a great job communicating and running the crews.  Crew showed up on time, and worked extremely hard.  Very professional throughout the process.  We had to stop installation mid-way through  due to some conflicting utility work on our property.  Darren was very flexible and handled it well.  I would definitely recommend them for sprinkler installation work."

  • David ( Angie's List )

    "The service provided arrived on time and was very professional.  We had a large number of knock-out rose bushes we hadn't cut back and he charged into the thorns like a champ!  I was very impressed.  I actually offered to cut the roses back for him and he wouldn't let me.  He sacrificed his body for the sake of my sprinklers.  Well done!"

  • Chris ( Google )

    "Easy to work with. Did a great job. Very professional. I would highly recommend them."

  • Darrin ( Google )

    "These guys have been keeping my yard weed free for a few years now. They also maintain my trees and flowerbeds. Love them. Priced right and always on time. Would never use another company."


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