Six-Step Turf Builder Program

Six-Step Turf Builder Program W/ Grub Control & Surface Insecticide

A weed free, healthy lawn can make your home and landscape more inviting. Our Custom Six-Step Turf Builder Program helps achieves this goal. Each turf application “Round” includes weed control to ensure your personal curb appeal.

The Program will be administered at 4-6 week intervals. These applications are as follows:


Round One Turf Application (Applied Early – Mid Spring)

The initial application of our The Six-Step Turf Builder Program is made up of both a slow release granular fertilizer and a diverse pre-emergent. The slow release granular fertilizer replenishes nutrients the lawn used up during the winter. The pre-emergent weed control minimizes the appearance of & stunts growth of nuisance-type weeds such as yellow foxtail, crabgrass, & goose-grass.

As Round 1 is applied, our certified technicians will also spot spray to rid the yard of broad-leaf weeds. This will give your yard a fantastic start to the warm weather season!


Round Two Turf Application (Applied Late Spring)

This second application of The Six-Step Turf Builder Program is applied between the middle to later springs months. It includes a liquid broad-leaf fertilizer that builds the strength & toughness of each blade and enhances the turf’s overall density & color.

The Lawn & Sprinkler Guys will not begin applying Round Two until after the daytime temperatures regularly reach 70+ degrees. This is because, when treating broad-leaf weeds, it is essential to attack them when they are actively growing. We prefer to wait and treat broad-leaf weeds toward the end of May and do so through July because weather -wise, it’s when we’ll experience the most success. Treating broad-leaf weeds with a liquid herbicide when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees may burn your lawn, and that’s the last thing we wish to do!


Round Three Turf Application + Grub Control Treatment (Applied Early Summer)

This third treatment of The Six-Step Turf Builder Program is applied in the early summer. It consists of a special “summer-blend” fertilizer, which contain lower nitrogen levels than the fertilizers used during other treatments. Since grass growth in the summer is less than it is in the spring we want to avoid overloading the turf with what would otherwise be a reasonable amount of nitrogen during any other time of the year but summer.

During this application, our Turf Technician(s) will spot spray for grassy weeds, as well as touch up any broad-leaf weeds that may have survived since our last visit.

This time of the season is when it’s best to proactively examine trees, bushes, and shrubs for diseases or infestations. If anything is found we believe could cause harm, we’ll diagnose and discuss options with you.

Grubs are a root eating larvae that are found throughout the Kansas City area. Sadly, when grubs attack in the spring, the damage will not be known or seen until late August or early September because of how they burrow into the ground. They cause the lawn to decline or worse die out in late summer and early fall.

Grubs feed on the roots of healthy grass, limiting the plant’s ability to uptake water and nutrients. The most common turf species in our area, tall fescue and bluegrass, are both potentially affected.


Round Four Turf Application + Surface Insecticide Treatment (Summer)

Our Fourth Application of The Six-Step Turf Builder Program is applied in mid to late July. It contains a a liquid broad-leaf weed control herbicide to be applied to all coverage areas. This fertilizer will help promote root development & depth, as well as color enhancement.

Round Four will only be applied when daytime temperatures are under 90 degrees, as it’s essential to treat broad-leaf weeds when they are actively growing. Our liquid Broad-leaf herbicide mix provides more accurate control than a granule would. Unfortunately, granular broad-leaf products will not efficiently control broad-leaf weeds. Some problematic weeds such as wild violet, white clover, and ground-ivy (aka Creeping Charlie) will almost certainly require multiple treatments to achieve complete control.

During the application of Round Four, your Turf Technician will be visiting with you regarding the condition, health, and appearance of your yard. Lawn Renovation services in the fall can solve current major problems, as well as help avoid future problems. Services such as core aeration, overseeding, verticutting, and rich starter fertilizer should be strongly considered at this time to prepare for the winter and for next season’s health, growth, and density.

Surface Insecticide 

Fleas, ticks, mites, sod web worm, ants, and other insects are among those pests that can be treated by our custom-mixed Surface Insecticide. Perfectly safe for children & animals, this application will have those pests gone in no time!

Round 5 Turf Application (Applied Early Fall)

Round 5 of The Six-Step Turf Builder Program, applied between late September & late October, is the most pivotal step of the program. This application provides essential nutrients that will help your turf during the winter months. The food that you give your lawn in the fall will help green up your lawn quicker in the spring. Feeding your grass in the fall also helps fight off spring diseases.

For Round 5, we’re proud to be applying a custom mixed granular product that has the best formulation of fertilizer for fall growing conditions. Again, we use a granular fertilizer here because it will not burn as easy as the less expensive liquid fertilizer products will.

A core aeration in the fall months will also aid in making Round Five as efficient as possible. Core aeration should happen JUST PRIOR to Round Five being applied, as aeration allows much more of the fertilizer to reach the root system of your grass.

If you are overseeding in the fall, this application will also benefit your lawn. Round 5 will provide nutrients that are important to the growth of new seed. Establishing seed early enough in the year before the colder winter weather rolls in is vital to it’s success. The absolute best-case scenario for your turf is that core aeration, overseeding, and Round 5 all happen within 24 hours of each other. Be sure to water in the granular products to activate them to achieve maximum results!


Round Six Turf Application (Applied Late Fall – Early Winter)

Round 6 of The Six-Step Turf Builder Product is normally applied after your irrigation system has been winterized for the season. No worries, though, no need to water this one in!

This granular application includes a winter fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and high in potassium, which promotes root growth and development. The nutrients contained within will build up the lawn’s resistance to future disease and fungus attacks, and provides your turf with an early spring green up.

After the final application is made for the season, your Turf Technician would love to meet with you to review the year-over-year progress made, examine what was accomplished this season, as well as visit about any areas needing further improvement.