Irrigation System Addition

Many homes and lawns won’t stay the same forever. With changes in buildings, outside structures, and landscaping will also come the need for changes in your sprinkler system. If you’re planning any changes and questioning whether you should reroute, ask a professional to evaluate and help you make a plan.

Rerouting the system can prevent parts of your sprinklers from becoming damaged. It can also ensure that your lawn and plants continue to get the water they need to stay healthy after the yard layout is changed. The following are some reasons to consider rerouting your sprinklers.

  • The addition of a swimming pool
  • The addition of a deck, patio, or other outdoor living space
  • Creating or expanding a garden or flower bed, requiring more water in a new area
  • Expanding the grassy area of your lawn
  • The addition or expansion of a retaining wall or sidewalk on or near your property