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In most regions, maintaining a lush, green lawn through summer hinges on watering. Sharpen your irrigation skills and use our lawn watering guide to learn what you can do to prevent brown patches from cropping up in your yard.

How often should I water my lawn?

A very general rule of thumb is to provide lawns with 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week, from irrigation or rainfall. A good way to check moisture penetration is to probe the soil with a screwdriver or similar object. How often you water will vary based on where you live and what type of soil you have. In order to conserve water and give grass just what it needs, it’ll help you to understand the factors that influence irrigation frequency.

Grass Type

Different grass types require different amounts of water. For example:

  • A healthy lawn of tall fescue has a deep root system and the highest drought tolerance of cool-season turf types.
  • Kentucky bluegrass consistently goes dormant during drought, reviving when rainfall resumes.
  • Warm-season grasses, such as zoysia, St. Augustine, bermudagrass, and centipede, thrive in warm conditions, developing deep root systems that make them better able to withstand drought. In general, warm-season grasses require 20 percent less water than cool-season types.

Soil Type

Different types of soil absorb and retain moisture differently.

Soil type Water absorption How deeply 1 inch of water penetrates1
Sandy Absorbs water quickly; needs less water more frequently 12 inches
Loam Absorbs water evenly, without puddling or runoff 7 inches
Clay Absorbs water slowly; can cause runoff when water applied too quickly; holds water longer (slow to dry out) 4–5 inches

1 Healthy grass roots typically grow at least 6–8 inches deep.


Different regions receive different amounts of rainfall and summer weather conditions, which influences irrigation needs. Grass needs the most water when heat, drought, low humidity, and high winds prevail.

Lawn Age

There’s one other key when determining irrigation frequency. While all lawns need consistent moisture to remain green and healthy, newly planted lawns are in a critical stage for the first year. Don’t rely solely on rainfall to establish a healthy, deep root system – provide supplemental irrigation during the first year of growth.

Watering Without Waste

During the scorching hot months of summer, conservation is key when it comes to watering and lawn care. Here are a few tips to ensure that not a drop of water goes to waste when watering your lawn this summer.

Choose your system carefully. For small lawns, try a hose-end sprinkler. Use a timer of some sort (even an oven timer will work) to help you remember to turn it off. With in-ground irrigation systems, use low-volume, low-angle sprinklers with heads that suit the size of the area you’re watering. Angle heads as low as possible to minimize evaporation. If you spot a fog or fine mist, system pressure is too high. Newer rotary nozzles (also called stream sprays or rotators) apply water slowly and evenly.

Watch the watering. Observe water distribution to ensure you’re not watering hard surfaces (causing runoff) or creating puddling on the lawn (applying too much water too quickly for soil to absorb).

Tinker with timing. Add a smart timer that adjusts irrigation based on local weather conditions such as rainfall, temperature and even evapotranspiration rates. Water an hour or two before sunrise to minimize evaporation and take advantage of calmer winds. Time irrigation to avoid high water use hours in your household. Avoid night irrigation to prevent disease.

Fine-tune the duration. Measure how much water your system releases by evenly spacing six (or more) straight-sided containers (such as tuna fish or cat food cans) in the area you’re watering. Run your irrigation system for 20 minutes. Measure the amount of water in individual cans, adding them and dividing by the number of cans to get an average. Multiply the average by three to determine how much water your system releases in an hour.

Shorten cycles. With clay soils, slopes, and other areas where water runs off quickly, use short watering cycles on separate days to minimize runoff.

Inspect the system. Two clues that valves need to be repaired or replaced are leaking sprinklers or water-filled valve boxes. Fix leaks or unclog heads according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Reset frequently. At least seasonally, reset your watering schedule. Check with your local water authority for recommended irrigation schedules based on records of average weather conditions.

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Rondale Dunn
Rondale Dunn
16:08 19 Aug 20
Great company and customer service. Cindy in the front office is simply amazing! Highly recommend.
Sean Cummings
Sean Cummings
21:39 09 Aug 20
I didn’t use this company, but they ended up cutting my cable line. I asked the gentleman why they didn’t Come over... to just inquire about it and he said some people don’t like that...talked to the owner, supposedly, and he didn’t seam to care at all about cutting the cord. He said that I would have to handle that, making it seam like it was my fault or problem. I’ve spent the better part of my weekend trying to get this back up and running, which is never a fun thing when it’s not your fault. Moreover, me and my wife both work healthcare so internet is vital to us as it would be to most families. I don’t like writing this kind of stuff but when it comes to this kind of unprofessionalism and manner people should know this company just doesn’t care.read more
Andy Schuttler
Andy Schuttler
00:15 14 Jun 20
Polite and professional administrative staff. Quality of work is very dependent on the tech working with you. We’ve... had great experiences, with we’ve also had techs come on the wrong day, there have been times techs weren’t able to fix and issue without help from someone else, and we’ve had late arrivals/last minute cancellations.read more
Robert and Tamara Edmondson
Robert and Tamara Edmondson
22:43 04 Jun 20
The Lawn and Sprinkler Guys of Kansas City are no joke. They came out and did my sprinkler system and downspouts in 3... days with great gusto! They wore masked for my little one and we really approached that!read more
Cheri Mattina
Cheri Mattina
21:39 02 Jan 20
I called and made an appointment to get my sprinklers winterized. He came out in less than a week. Very nice and... didn’t take him long to do it. I will for sure do business with them again.read more
Thomas Mathews
Thomas Mathews
21:57 02 Dec 19
A great family and professional service company. They service my lawn sprinklers and now all my lawn fertilizer issues.... It will be hard to find a better and more professional company. T. Mathewsread more
Gene Schreiner
Gene Schreiner
22:30 11 Nov 19
I'm concerned that I will have problems with my sprinklers next spring since two of the 7 zones would not open. So if... there was water in those zones it did not get blown out. Also, for the 5 zones that we did get some air to come out very little water came out. Only a small mist on 3 of the zones and 2 no water mist or water came out. There was just the sound of air on those 2 zones. So in summary - two zones did not open to be blown out. Two zones only air came out. 3 zones water mist and air came out. I hope there is not water still in there that was frozen or that will freeze?read more
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson
15:53 20 Sep 19
Fast and professional service for a reasonable price. We had a pipe burst in our yard's sprinkler system and they were... able to come out and fix it in no time. We will definitely be using them for our yard services again.read more
Curt Cole
Curt Cole
18:18 09 Aug 19
These guys are the best. They were really busy this summer (a good thing!) so we had to wait a bit to get the... sprinkler installation done, but their crew just finished yesterday and they were superb. It's all about experience, and these guys knew what they were doing. Scott, the owner, and Brian in the office are great too. Thanks!read more
A McReynolds
A McReynolds
22:10 31 Aug 17
All these years, working with many companies, going to many places, and I have never once filled out a negative review... online. Usually, I just take it for what it is, and make a personal choice to not use the company again. I am not a fan of giving negative reviews when it isn't necessary. However, this company has been nothing but trouble working with. I had them open my sprinkler system/check the back flow and they did not properly let the city of Olathe know, so my sprinkler was tagged and shut down by the city of Olathe. When I contacted L&S to let them know, the lady (I will not name drop on anyone personally, due to personal privacy) that answers their phone ARGUED with me and blamed the city of olathe saying it was their system. THE CITY OF OLATHE HAD TO CALL THEM to get the information and basically forced them to take care of the issue. Since I was going along thinking everything was fine before the city shut down my sprinkler, I wanted to do some of their lawn packages. Whatever they put on for their "weed killer" doesn't actually work. Keep in mind THEY STOPPED COMMUNICATING WITH ME and NEVER GOT BACK WITH ME after the city contacted them, they later had a lawyer send me a letter forcing payment of they would take me to court. When I attempted to contact the law office, I never got them to answer my call or call me back. I just paid the bill of about $150 to them personally, but completely did it against my will and to just be done. Personally, I don't feel like I owed this company anything at all. The one thing they will get from me is anytime anyone asks, whether on a public forum or personally, regardless if they even ask about Lawn & Sprinkler Guys specifically, I will inform them to RUN...RUN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN. They will screw you over and then threaten legal action. If you screw up, and a customer suffers the consequences, you should at least call and apologize, but oh, no. All I got was, "well, the city said they would call you, I didn't feel it was necessary". IF A CUSTOMERS SERVICE IS SHUT OFF AND ITS NOT THEIR FAULT, YEA, ITS NECESSARY THAT YOU CALL. After all, who even knows if I actually needed a new black flow or not anyway at this point anyway, which mind you, was paid on the spot after job completion!!!!!!!!UPDATE: was offered to speak to the owner by the secretary (I never asked to), of course he wasn't available & was on the other line "giving a quote". Was told he would call an after his phone call. Never received that call, either. They got what they wanted after a threatening letter...my money. I could care less if I hear from them at this point. Just thought i would let everyone know that the terrible service continues. DON'T OFFER SOMETHING YOU CAN'T DELIVER.read more
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