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How To Find The Perfect Lawn Mower

Nothing says springtime like the sounds of lawn mowing and the sweet smell of freshly cut grass. For some, mowing the lawn is a chore. Others enjoy the sense of accomplishment and pride in a great looking lawn. Regardless of where you fall, you’ll likely find yourself mowing about 30-40 times a year, so finding the right lawn mower is important. You’ll want to make sure your lawn mower combines strength to handle different terrain and the comfort in using it often – even for jobs that don’t involve cutting the grass.

If you are in the market for a new lawn mower, keep these guidelines in mind to help you find your perfect lawn mower:

* Evaluate your needs. Consider the size of your lawn, the type of grass, landscaping features and obstacles to mowing. For small lawns, a walk-behind mower will probably be sufficient. If your property is larger, a riding lawn mower like Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series can help make the job easier. The terrain you’ll need to cover should also be a key consideration in the type of mower you choose. Zero-turn mowers – riding mowers that have a zero-degree turning radius – are becoming more popular options for homeowners with many obstacles like hills or trees in their lawn or for those who have more ground to cover and want to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Responsive handling and good cornering can be helpful when you’re mowing around flowerbeds, trees and other features in the yard and can give you stability on the slopes.

* Consider how you will use the lawn mower. Will you use it for other purposes besides mowing in different seasons? For example, will your lawn mower need to mulch in the fall, aid in snow removal during the winter and tow away debris in the spring? You’ll want a lawn mower that offers different attachments for uses throughout the year and, if you are financing your purchase, look for models which allow you to bundle attachments into your purchase for a better deal.

* Test drive your lawn mower, especially if it’s a riding mower. It’s important for your lawn mower to offer comfort and responsive handling. Remember, you’ll likely use it at least once a week during warm weather months, so a comfortable ride is key. Cub Cadet is currently holding special test drive events, offering consumers the opportunity to experience their line of lawn tractors, zero turns and even walk-behind mowers before they buy. Also, stop by a local dealer in your area to test drive any time.

* Pay attention to the extras. High-tech features and options inspired by the automotive world are becoming more and more common in riding mowers. Which will maximize your mowing power and enjoyment? Is protecting your investment paramount? Educate yourself on which features and options have the most long-term value. For example, extra  protection against rust and corrosion and a smartphone app that allows you to stay on top of your mower’s maintenance needs can lead to longer life and better performance in the long-term.

* Finally, look for the best warranty you can buy. A lawn mower is not a minor investment, so knowing what’s protected under the manufacturer’s warranty is essential. For example, the XT Enduro Series warranty covers unlimited hours on the powertrain for up to three years, up to five years on the chassis and front axle, and offers limited lifetime coverage on the fabricated deck shell.

Your lawn mower will work hard this year. By choosing the right mower for your needs, you can ensure that your investment will offer the comfort and features to deliver an enjoyable mowing experience and will have the strength and durability to keep it doing its job for many seasons to come.

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