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The Case For In-ground Residential Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Highlighting the benefits of lawn irrigation should fuel the argument for the installation of a reliable lawn irrigation system. Any avid gardener knows that water is a source of life and vitally important if you want lush lawn growth. It helps in the dissolving of nutrients and minerals so that they can readily be absorbed by plants.

Water also fuels the photosynthesis process and helps to strengthen the structure of the grass blade. Proper irrigation prevents sparse growth, dead patches of lawn, spindly growth and the invasion of weeds. A timer can be set for automatic watering at certain hours or certain days of the week, allowing for perfect control of how much water is used at any one time.

Bear in mind that too much water can lead to a weak root system and makes it far easier for weeds to invade your garden. Alternatively, too little water will result in sparse growth that ultimately has the same effect of allowing the invasion of unwanted weeds and garden pests.

This can cut back dramatically on the cost of water bills. Installing an irrigation system will also allow for precise location and distribution of the water supply, meaning that nothing is wasted. As the seasons change, the timer can be set, allowing for increased or reduced delivery of vital aqua according to the time of year. One of the bonuses of this system is efficient time management.

An average sized garden can take up to an hour out of a persons day, simply spent holding a hose pipe to water a relatively small area. Portable sprinkler systems can be forgotten, leading to huge water wastage and poor distribution, leaving some areas soaked and other areas too dry. Many irrigation systems allow for the introduction of liquid fertilizers into the system to ensure healthy growth all year round.

Along with the benefits of an automatic fertilizer system allowing for even distribution of nutrients and minerals, the system also allows for the administering of pesticides and weed killers should this be deemed necessary.

A beautiful garden can add value of your home and prospective buyers will be excited to hear that an automatic sprinkler system has been installed. These systems are also very low maintenance. A visual monthly check that all the sprinkler heads are operating properly and are not experiencing blocks is easy to do.

Replacement parts are inexpensive and generally irrigation systems are designed from high quality products designed to withstand the effects of all kinds of weather conditions. The Lawn & Sprinkler Guys only uses Hunter Industries & RainBird brand lawn sprinkler systems and landscape lighting fixtures. Pop up sprinklers make it easy to mow the grass without fear of damaging the sprinkler unit. Be sure to mow regularly to keep the growth lush and dense, because when left too long and then cut, the strong sunlight can cause yellowing of the individual blades of grass.

Be sure to set the system to run more regularly in the summer heat and less frequently in the winter. In areas where there is snow or heavy rainfall the system may be rendered dormant during the winter season. Always check that it is working properly after long periods of disuse. The benefits of lawn irrigation are many and the undeniable convenience of more free time is at the top of the list.

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