Drainage & Downspouts

The downspout is the section of gutter that travels down the side of the house and where the water exits the gutter system. Typically, the downspout turns at ground level to lead the water away from your foundation. But that small redirection might not be enough because there is no way to guarantee the water will not run back towards the house. A small downward incline next to your house could spell disaster. One way to guarantee that the water will not make it back to your home’s foundation is to bury the downspouts. If you bury the downspouts and direct the water far enough away from the house then there will be little to no risk to your stability and foundation.

The Lawn & Sprinkler Guys can install all of your underground drain pipes for your downspouts, sub-surface drains, French drains , directional drains and area surface drains or catch basins to get the water away from your foundation. This will protect your home and landscaping from erosion and foundation problems, mold, algae and fungus issues. Not to mention termites and mosquitoes.