Six – Step Turf Builder Program W/ Grub Control & Surface Insecticide

A weed free, healthy lawn can make your home and landscape more inviting. Our Custom Six-Step Turf Builder Program helps achieves this goal.

Each turf application “Round” includes weed control to ensure your personal curb appeal. The Program will be administered at 4-6 week intervals.

These applications are as follows:

Round One Turf Application (Applied Early – Mid Spring)0e326dd8ad854b21de3ab8bb30d541ae65b9

– Slow release fertilizer to replenish all nutrients used up over the winter
– Crabgrass pre-emergent, also prevents annual grassy weeds
– Spot spray broadleaf weeds as needed

Round Two Turf Application (Applied Late Spring)

Includes a slow release fertilizer (liquid) to promote growth and enhance turf color & density. We also blanket spray for all broadleaf weeds.

Round Three Turf Application Plus Grub Control Treatment (Applied Early Summer)

– A balanced fertilizer to keep the lawn looking its best
– Spot spray grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds as needed
– We will also diagnose any turf disease issues at this time

*Grub Control Treatment

Grubs are a root eating larvae that are found throughout the Kansas City area. They are a root eating insect, and since you can’t see underground, you won’t see the damage until it’s been done in August or early September. To avoid the damage these nasty guys cause, treatment needs to be applied by mid-to-late summer.

To lean more about our Grub Control Treatment Application please visit our Grub Control Service Page.

*Added to Round Three Turf Application upon request as an additional service

Round Four Turf Application + Surface Insecticide Treatment (Summer)e186d29ccfdbda40c8297859046d773f65b9

Round Four Turf Application

– Light rate of liquid fertilizer
– Broadleaf & grassy weed control
– Suggestions for fall turf renovations: over seeding, verticut, core aeration

*Surface Insecticide Treatment

Includes fleas, ticks, mites, sod web worm, ants, and other insects are among those listed as controllable pests treated by this Treatment.

*Added to Round Four Turf Application upon request as an additional service

Round 5 Turf Application (Applied Early Fall)

– A well balanced liquid fertilizer to help your lawn bounce back from the summer stress
– Spot spray weeds as needed (if we have done a renovation we will use a granular starter fertilizer)

Round Six Turf Application (Applied Late Fall – Early Winter)

– Granular winter fertilizer
– Final check-up on progress