Spring Clean-ups

Following the Winter months, your yard will require more maintenance than just a typical lawn service. Repairing the damage done by snow and ice and removal the protective barriers naturally occurring over the Winter is essential to ensuring your lawn’s health throughout the warmer seasons.

Some Spring Clean-up Services Include:

Removing Fallen Tree Limbs and Debris
Removing Any Trash or Litter
Cleaning Salt and Sand from Driveways and Walkways
Edging of Flower Beds, Gravel Beds and Walkways
Pruning Overgrowth from Trees and Shrubs

Fall Clean-ups

Fall cleanups get rid of leaves and organic matter that build up when the weather turns cold and leaves start falling.  It is good to get the debris off the lawn because it is not ideal for it to sit there all winter covered by snow.  The leaves start to rot and get moldy.  It could also lead the the grass being killed if not taken care of early enough in the spring.

Some Fall Clean-up action items include:

Raking up leaves and composting them
Updating Seasonal flowers
Weed Control
Mulching with leaves / grass clippings
Fertilizer Applications
Cleaning up branches & lawn debris
Cutting the grass